tbh i wouldnt want zankie to be on all stars because frankie will end up getting hated about again and zankie will be a huge target and idk if they’ll like be an alliance again or such. i mean they can work things out and restart their game trust but idt big brother is their game




After the “Get off of me!" thing… can we talk about how cute this moment is?

Zach saying “You OK? We bumped heads pretty hard." Huge smile from Frankie. Clasping hands then coming in for a cuddle. Both of them close their eyes. Zach plays with Frankies hair and smiles.

Not pictured: Frankie then licks Zach’s neck and he freaks out

Just so beautiful together!


Frankie’s rap about Zach - 9/13 (10:42PM)


I’d like to take a page from my best friend Zach Attack. I said I’m gonna do it better cause his shit was kinda whack. I love you so much and it’d be fun for you to stay but if I didn’t put you up I’d have to be cray-cray. See I’m not quite sure if your the saboteur but what I know for sure you gotta walk out this door. So Zach my man please go and have a seat. It’s time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet.